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  • Children's Health Testimonials

    All of these stories are told by the parents of children that have attended my natural health practice over the last number of years.


    "After only a few days on the remedy, my son’s sleep improved dramatically and has continued to be settled. After a full year of broken sleep, I cannot thank you enough for giving me my night’s sleep back."

    M. M. Dublin


    "I brought my young daughter to Ashleigh for treatment. Ashleigh quickly identified a remedy that has ‘hit the nail on the head’ and has given my daughter significant periods of calm and contentment which she had not previously enjoyed, and allowed her to become more affectionate. I am delighted with how effective and beneficial the remedy has proven to be and am very grateful for the treatment."

    S. B. Wicklow


    "I’m in shock really! I came to you as a last resort for my ten year old son’s bedwetting problem and never for a moment, thought it would actually work! I cannot believe how quickly this problem has been resolved. Thank you so much from both my son and myself for helping us out with this major issue. My son can now go on sleepovers (a big deal for him) and his confidence has just blossomed since stopping wetting the bed. I’ll be telling all my friends."

    A. M. Arklow


    "I just wanted to say thank you so much for helping us get through the "terrible twos"!! It really is a relief to once again have a calm, relaxed child who I can finally get into the bath and who thankfully sleeps at night again. I'm looking forward to any further help you can give me in the future. Thanks for everything."

    D. W. Wicklow


    "I have been both delighted and amazed at the positive effect homoeopathic treatment has had on my daughter who suffered from bad eczema and low self confidence levels. Under Ashleigh’s expert care over the past couple of months, my daughter’s skin has improved significantly and she has learned how to deal with the challenges life brings in a confident way and is generally a much happier child."

    L. R. Wicklow


    "My son, aged 11, had suffered repeated chest infections which in turn worsened his asthma. We had gone through a particular bad period last year when he ended up taking three antibiotics in a short period of time. I was at the end of my tether because he wasn’t much better and had missed 16 days off school. A friend suggested I bring him to see Ashleigh and I thought that I’d give it a try. This year, while he still got coughs and colds; there weren’t as many and they didn’t last as long or take as much out of him. Overall, he has been much healthier and has only missed 4 days of school. I’m thrilled."

    C. M. Wicklow



    "Having brought my son to see Ashleigh in recent months I would definitely recommend her practice. After exhausting all other avenues, I was very apprehensive about trying this but am very pleased to say that my son’s symptoms have disappeared and he is now like a new child. My advice would be to try it and see for yourself."

    M. K. Arklow


    "I have being going to Ashleigh Tobin with my two year old daughter for the last eighteen months. Originally when I first brought my daughter to see Ashleigh she had infantile eczema and colic. Within a week of taking a remedy the colic had gone and there was a noticeable improvement with her eczema. The eczema has fully gone now except for occasional flare ups. My daughter also had intolerance to horse hair and animal fur and now she has no problems with them. I have great confidence in Ashleigh as a homeopathic practitioner. She is extremely professional and thorough in her consultations. I have absolutely no hesitation in highly recommending her."

    L.C. Wicklow



    "My son first attended Ashleigh shortly after his dyslexia diagnosis. He was about to go into leaving cert year in school and appeared quite frustrated with everything at that time. His main difficulties were coping with school, poor concentration and his inability to retain information. Very quickly, we could see a notable improvement in his concentration levels, therefore reducing his level of frustration. The follow on support with you has been very valuable in monitoring his progress. He is now doing his leaving certificate and is progressing through his exams with a confidence which didn’t seem possible before we had your support and guidance."

    B. D. Wicklow


    "My daughter was really struggling since her baby brother was born. She had started sucking her thumb again, was really clingy and jealous and had started coming into our bed again (not easy when I was already up feeding the baby!). It has been amazing to see how quickly she responded to the treatment and how effective it has been in completely resolving the issue. Thanks a million."

    D. S. Wicklow


  • Everyday Empowerment Testimonials

    All of these stories are told by clients that have worked with me on a one to one basis in a manner tailored to give maximum results.


    "I cannot speak highly enough of Ashleigh. After a consultation, I leave Ashleigh always.... in a more positive state, with a renewed sense of myself and who I really am and where I am’s just wonderful! Ashleigh in my opinion is a woman of great integrity; passionate about her work, attentive to every detail without losing sight of the bigger picture and what she has to offer.... is priceless."

    G. P. Wicklow


    "I’m amazed at how much I have learned in just a few sessions with you; how to stay focused and clear at work, yet relaxed and happy at home. I seem to be able to balance the needs of my family along with the demands of my work, while not forgetting myself in the process. Thank you so much."

    C. M. Cork


    "I can't thank you enough. I feel a lot lighter in life since my first visit. I don't let things weigh me down like I used to since I have started doing your wonderful exercises. Naturally, I still have days when things are busy but nothing gets me down in the same way as before. I’m so much calmer in myself."

    C. B. Dublin


    "You are quite simply, worth your weight in gold! The work we have done together has transformed my life. Thank you so much."

    R. L. Bray, Co. Wicklow


    "How lucky I was all those months ago to bump into you in Wicklow town at your Natural Health session in the local health food shop. You have truly turned my life around; you have guided me in getting my life back on track, in helping me realise that I can be so much more productive without all the stress. The times we have spent together have been so valuable to me; I often take a few minutes to reflect on those difficult times when I met you first compared with where I am today. You have encouraged and guided me and at this moment I could not be in a better place. Once again, thank you from the bottom of my heart for being such a great lady and for helping me find my way."

    S. M. Dublin


    "I was suffering from stress, anxiety and depression with lots of physical symptoms included. I heard about Ashleigh from a friend and decided to make an appointment to see her. It was one of the best decisions I have ever made in my life. I don't say this lightly. Within a few sessions I was back to a time when I felt happy in myself. Ashleigh is an amazing woman and I would highly recommend that you attend her yourself. Thank you Ashleigh."

    D. K. Wexford



    "When I first decided to start one-to-one coaching with Ashleigh I was quite stressed and anxious about my life. As a single mother, I felt I was constantly juggling my career and home-life. I suffered major guilt and anxiety about not spending enough time with my child. Despite the fact that my son was very happy and well adjusted, I had major doubts about my parenting skills and seemed to have a constant knot in my stomach. I also found it difficult to make decisions and on reflection, I constantly undermined my abilities both as a mother and in my career. I had been through a number of unsuccessful relationships and had almost resigned myself to not meeting the right person.


    Since I started to work with Ashleigh, the changes in my life, while subtle on the surface have been very profound personally. In our work together, Ashleigh helped me to change the way I think about my life. I have now developed skills and tools to deal with the every day struggles. I describe it as taking out my thoughts, often negative or confused, turning them around and putting them back in and viewing things in a much more positive, focused and confident fashion. I now find it hard to believe that I ever had guilt about my son. I realize now that it is possible to have a very successful career and still be an excellent mother. Through relaxation exercises, which I have found very easy and are now part of my life, I manage any stress in a totally different way. I am a much stronger person and am more confident about making decisions.


    I am also in a wonderful relationship which started not long after I began the work with Ashleigh. I feel had it not been for the personal work I have been doing, I could have easily fallen into old relationship habits and damaged something that has turned out to be so wonderful. I am getting married next year."

    E.W. Dublin


    "You have been such a support to me over the last year – thank you so much. I love the work we do together and how it has really helped me in my daily life. I now make decisions much easier and don’t spend days dithering about things I have to do."

    C. T. Dublin


    "When I first attended Ashleigh, I was stressed, irritable and exhausted. I wanted a tonic to give me energy and keep me going. Instead, I got what I really needed – a proper solution to help me get back to health. She viewed my physical symptoms, my mood and my emotional wellbeing in a truly holistic way and has genuinely helped me to turn my life around. I feel so much better. My physical symptoms have gone and I’m finally taking care of myself properly. If you are a tired, stressed, overworked woman; attend Ashleigh!"

    M. M. Dublin


  • Women's Health Testimonials

    All of these stories are told by women that have attended my natural health practice over the last number of years.


    "I cannot believe I suffered for so long when treatment could be so easy and effective. Within a short while, my hot flushes went away and I got my energy back again. I have told so many of my friends who have gotten the same results with Ashleigh."

    M. F. Wicklow


    "I had tried without success for almost a year to find an effective treatment for my thrush. I was delighted with the treatment from Ashleigh from the very start and saw results within 2 weeks. Nine months later I still feel the same."

    G. D. Wicklow


    "Thank you so much for helping me in so many ways. The hot flushes have gone! Yippee! It was great to attend someone who knew what they were doing and who could take an overview of what needed to happen so that I can be healthy. My mood is so much better and everyone (especially my husband) notices the change. Thank you, thank you!."

    A. B. Dublin


    "Thank you so much for the help you have given to me with my hay fever. The months of May and June are normally awful for me with sneezing, streaming eyes and headaches etc. However, since attending you two years ago, summer has been a much nicer season for me. My symptoms have calmed down significantly and are much less this year than previous years (as you said they would). I love the fact that I can manage my symptoms without resorting to the antihistamines which made me feel so drowsy."

    O. T. Wexford


    "I started attending Ashleigh over six months ago and again I have seen huge improvements in my health. I am now on my second pregnancy and initially suffered terrible vomiting. Within 24 hours of treatment my symptoms improved."

    L.C. Wicklow


    "Thank you so much for helping me with my dreadful bloating and water retention. When I first attended for treatment, I suffered so much that my weight could change by as much as six or seven pounds overnight. I’m delighted with how effective treatment has been. Thank you so much."

    C. H. Wicklow


    "I used to suffer dreadfully with irritable bowel syndrome. I had severe pain, cramping, alternating constipation and diarrhoea as well as stress levels that were through the roof, making it all worse! I cannot believe how quickly my symptoms improved with your treatment and how the improvement has been sustained over time. I also use the simple exercises you taught me to help deal with my stress and they have been really helpful. Thank you, thank you."

    C. B. Dublin

  • Workshop Testimonials

    All of these stories are told by attendees at my Workshops and Programmes..


    "I found the day very beneficial and learnt a lot from it. I realise that huge progress takes time and I need to keep making small changes to get where I need to be. The exercises certainly gave me a great insight into how I get in my own way at times. I also realised how I need to slow down to get the more important stuff done - rather than rushing headlong into tasks that don’t matter."

    O. M., Dublin


    Very interesting, different and new to me. The topics raised by others I could relate to & learned from and what I took most from it was "GIVE UP THE STRUGGLE" . The numbers were perfect - any more would be too much. Excellent venue, peaceful, quiet, nice room, gardens to have a stroll in after lunch, beautiful flowers in vases in the room - they all added to the course. You do an excellent job, have a great personality and I’m delighted we've had the chance to meet.

    C. T., Wicklow


    It’s funny that we need to be reminded of the simple things. And yet we do. I loved your workshop - the message was clear, simple and powerful. I was reminded and in a way that will help me to remember on a daily basis going forward. Put my own oxygen mask in place first. Thank you

     S. B., Wicklow


    I have attended a number of Ashleigh‘s workshops and they always give me the kick start I need to get on with my goals and dreams. She has a knack of making the aspirational, practical. While entertaining, her delivery also has a serious edge that cuts through the bull. I come away shook out of my comfort zone but with real understanding of what I need to do next and why. I also love the venues and the lunch.

    M.H. Wicklow

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