Your first consultation is a thorough review of your most precious asset – your health. During this appointment, a comprehensive case history is taken, which includes details about you as a person, as well as specifics about your presenting symptoms. We also assess your energy levels, sleep patterns, appetite, mood, anxiety levels and the current stress level in your life.


We may take a look at how you relax (if you can or do) and what you most love to do in life. And of course, you may have lots of questions or concerns that you wish to discuss. As a result, our first consultation will usually be one hour in duration. For many people, this is the first hour in a long time that they will have scheduled to look after their own health and wellbeing.


With this personalised information, I develop a tailor made health plan that is designed to bring about a return to health at both a physical and emotional level. Treatment is holistic in its approach. In other words, it’s individualised for you as a person - not just your symptoms and may include homoeopathic remedies along with specific supplementation or herbal support suggestions.


Feedback from clients over many years in practice is that treatment is generally highly effective at reducing or eliminating the presenting symptoms as well as bringing about an improved sense of wellbeing and energy levels.


For general health issues, follow up consultations take place 4 weeks later and last 45 minutes to an hour. How many consultations are required? This depends on the individual and their presenting illness. Acute complaints or those that have not been present for a long time will generally respond quickly while chronic illness may require longer treatment. At the end of the first consultation, it is usually possible to give an expected treatment schedule so that you know what to expect in terms of timelines.


Appointments are available weekdays only. Late evening clinics are also available although these are generally much more heavily booked.


A reminder text is sent out before the appointment. Failure to cancel within 24 hours will incur a cancellation fee. As a registered homoeopath, several private health insurers will offer reimbursement towards some of your treatment.


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