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Our lives today are busy and unrelenting; with work demands high and the time available for our own mental health and emotional wellbeing way down our list of things to do. Many of us move through the day with a sense of urgency rather than priority; juggling tasks and waiting for the ever elusive ‘all done’ feeling. Others live in  permanent ‘postponment mode’ - believing that personal contentment will arrive “some day” when...


And meanwhile, time passes and nothing changes. Until we learn: to really notice the impact of our habits and behaviours; to set realistic goals for ourselves, to demonstrate kindness to our-selves and others and to seek out the support we need.


Ashleigh Tobin has been working in the area of emotional and physical wellbeing for over twelve years; encouraging clients to find time for self care and emotional wellness, regardless of the busyness of life and the pervading sense of time famine that is commonplace among so many of us these days.


Ashleigh has a wealth of experience in the Irish health sector, having spent over thirty years working the fields of nursing, pharmaceuticals, complementary health, personal development, mindfulness and coaching / mentoring. It is this broad base of experience across both the        corporate and wellness arenas which ensures that Ashleigh can engage with people where they are at - in a real and meaningful way rather than in a theoretical or abstract one. Let’s face it - most of us know what we should be doing...we need to learn how to do it!


In her twelve years in the Irish pharmaceutical industry (Eli Lilly, Servier Labs), Ashleigh worked across roles in sales, marketing, operations and senior management, leading and           encouraging teams that delivered. Her work in the area of mental health (depression, bipolar   disorder and schizophrenia) was of special interest to her and to this day drives her passion for emotional self care and wellness. Her own experience of stress and burn out means she brings humour, practicality and fun to what could otherwise be a heavy and potentially vulnerable       interaction for the person affected by stress or other mental health issues.


Ashleigh works on a one to one basis with clients as well as runing group workshops and support networks. Her clients include people from all walks of life - people who want to perform at the highest level without getting overwhelmed with the constant juggling that life seems to demand these days. She reminds us all that Balance is different to Juggling!


Ashleigh lives in Wicklow with her husband Eric, their 18 year old daughter Megan and their dog called Max. She enjoys yoga, walking, reading, learning and has recently joined her husband on the back of his motorbike with a view to European tours once she figures how to fit everything she needs for such a trip into a motorbike pannier!


Ashleigh Tobin

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